• We opened our lovely new Maritime and Heritage Point on Tuesday 26th August 2014

  • It was opened by Shona Smith, Chairwoman of the Angus Environmental Trust

  • This photo shows Shona Smith, Chairwoman of the Angus Environmental Trust, Julia Quin SNH and Brian Petrie, Artist.

Many thanks to all those who made it possible including, The Angus Environmental Trust, staff across many departments of Angus Council, Kenny Saunders, Angus Print and Design, SNH, RSPB, Angus Cetechans, Ben Leng, Photographer Carnoustie, Brian Petrie, Artist, Bob Falconer, Artist, and Dundee Museums.  Finally and importantly, all the indivduals who contributed their ideas to ensure that visitors to East Haven can now learn about our unique heritage.

Maritime and Heritage Point for East Haven

We are delighted to that  the Angus Environmental Trust has awarded  £40,000 to develop a Maritime and Heritage Point in the village. The Maritime and Heritage point will be developed around the public toilet block which was built in the 1970s. Restoration work will see the building transformed with a bright modern exterior and a shelter across two sides.

Some of you will remember that in years gone by East Haven had a fisherman’s shelter which offered protection from the inclement weather but this has long since disappeared. The shelter and seated area will provide a welcome facility for the many  sea-anglers, cyclists and walkers  using the coastal path. Heritage interpretation boards will create an outdoor learning facility to be utilised by schools and other community groups. In addition to the maritime heritage,  information will also be provided about the unique environment of East Haven such as the fragile marram grasses that provide protection from erosion and the underwater sea habitat.

This exciting new project provides an  opportunity for residents and other interested parties to be involved in designing the heritage information boards. What do we want to tell the public and future generations about East Haven?  We have an important maritime history and  a unique coastal  environment. However, farming has also been important in the Ha’en which at one time also had it’s own Brewery, shop and Inn. The railway and the Royal Navy air-station, H.M.S. Peewit at Hatton also have a significant place in our village history.

We have consulted widely on the content and design of our heirtage boards. However, we are inviting the public to visit our Maritime and Heritage Exhibtion in Carnoustie Library from 5th to 12th April and use our comment boards to add their own ideas. 

It is anticipated that our new Maritime and Heritage point will be formally opened at our summer event to be held on 23rd August 2014.

Brian Petrie, Carnoustie based artist and cartoonist has created this wonderful story board interpreting the story of James, the IV and last Earl of Panmure who took part in the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 and was injured at Sherrifmuir. He was brought back to Angus and helped to flee into exile by an East Haven fisherman. We are extremely grateful to Brian for donating his time and talents to help us in creating Heritage Boards that are colourful, informative and engaging.

Note of meeting 11th March 2014

Title: Meeting at Panmure Centre 11th March 2014


Hugh Scott, Davina Sturrock, Carnoustie Community Council, Dareena Scott, Sandie Wright, Claire Donald,Community Planning, Angela Hunter, Wendy Murray

Heritage Interpretation panels

At our last meeting we agreed key principles about how we wanted our panels to look. e.g large print - clear - pictures etc. We agreed to go away and look at good practice guidance. Found a document from the Heritage Lottery fund called, ‘Interpretation - Good practice guidance’.  We have incorporated many suggestions but very useful tips and advice particularly in relation to accessibility. 

Following our last meeting we have broken down the information that we want to record into six key areas - A0 sized boards. Four on one side of the building and two on the other. Wendy is meeting with the Print and Design Team on 25th March to provide them with a first draft of our content and explore design ideas.

Alan Proctor has written to the current Earl of Dalhousie but no response yet.

Wendy has been in contact with SNH, RSPB and Kelly Ann Dempsey (Marine Life). This content will be spread over two boards.

Time was spent discussing a draft of the six boards. Sandie Wright also presented additional information to consider for inclusion. Ideas arising from discussions were as follows:

  • We have a really interesting story about the fourth Earl and a fishing boat in East Haven. Hugh suggested that we make this into a cartoon story board format for children. Suggest we consider asking BP to see if he would be prepared to do it.
  • Include section on 20th Century and integrate fishing throughout all boards. Fisher names and boats would go onto 20th Century board
  • Include picture of lobsters and creels. Make mention of crabs, whelks and cockles
  • Consider more detail below brief text in certain sections
  • Make brief mentions of farms. Contact Guthrie Bachelor. HMS Peewit
  • Include photographs of old coins/artefacts from fields around East Haven pre-dating 1214.
  • Provide public involvement boards at our Maritime and Heritage Exhibition to enable people to contribute their ideas to the content of the Heritage boards. Finalise boards shortly after. 
  • Talk to Print and Design about signposting on Board No1 (map of EH Panbride) to highlight schools (Muirdrum, Scryne, Panbride) HM Peewit, Farms, Churchs, Local place names in East Haven

Note of Meeting held on 28th January 2014


An open meeting was held to enable people with an interest in East Haven to participate and be involved in considering the design and content of the Heritage Boards to be erected at the new East Haven Maritime and Heritage Point.

Those present split into two groups to encourage wide discussion and debate. The two groups reported back and very similar themes and ideas emerged.

Key Design Features

  • The boards should be eye catching
  • The content should meet the needs of a stranger to the village. What would somebody with no knowledge of East Haven want to know?
  • Clear, Simple, and interesting
  • large font (accessible)
  • Pictures, drawings, visual images to retain interest
  • Weather and Vandal proof
  • Not too much written information
  • Display a QR code linking to web-site for further information on content
  • Use the EH800 Logo rather than EHRA logo as more inclusive of all those involved.
  • History boards more permanent
  • Do some of the nature boards require to be less permanent in case species change?


  • History of early settlements – pre 1214, ancient finds in fields around EH evidencing early settlements
  • History 1214 – 1800’s. Include all names East Haven has been known by. Fisher family names of the Ha’en.

Markets. Brewery, Inn, weavers etc. Include a photograph of the old village 1870

  • Fishing: Fishermen/Women, Shipwrecks, rescues, boats, types of fish, lines, creels
  • Other industries, Farming, Railway
  • Panmure Estate and Earls
  • Coastal birds of East Haven
  • Wild life – Dolphins, seals, porpoise etc
  • Flora and Fauna- Greater Yellow rattle. Sea life and plants.
  • Wars – HM Peewit
  • Folklore
  • Map of Barony of Panbride showing East Haven in relation to other important points such as Church, school, coastal path, East Haven old place names.

Additional idea though not necessarily for Heritage Board

Attempt to replicate the village photograph taken in 1870 with todays’ residents sat in same place.

Is there a character that we could adopt to become synonymous with East Haven?

 Agreed we would meet again in early March to review progress