East Haven Beechgrove Community Garden programme was broadcast on BBC2, Thursday 10th July 2014. If you missed it and would like to see it Beechgrove Garden have kindly provided us with a complementary DVD.

  • 27th June 2014 - The East Haven 800 Beechgrove Community Garden is completed in time to welcome the Queen's Baton Relay

  • 28th June 2014 - The Queen's Baton Relay visits East Haven and is photographed in front of our beautiful rose - Commonwealth Glory

  • Supported by the Royal Horticultural Society and the Greenbelt Group

  • Our little dinghy planted in gold to celebrate 50 years of RHS

  • 26th June 2014 - Jim and George

  • 26th June 2014 - Jim and George renamed our boat, 'The Sisters'.

  • 26th June 2014 - Karen advising us on planting

  • 25th June 2014 - It's really happening!

  • 25th June 2014 Our EH800 logo painted in the square

  • 25th June 2014

  • 20th June 2014 Gammies in Forfar kindly loaned us a rotavator!

  • 20th June 2014 So much to do and so little time to do it now!

  • June 2014 We have created 8 little boats to celebrate our 800th and the Commonwealth

  • 19th June 2014

  • 19th June 2014

  • 19th June 2014

  • 11th June 2014

    Beechgrove Recce! Wendy chats with Jim McColl and Karen Laing.

  • 11th June 2014

    Karen Laing talking to Hugh and Ian about next steps!

  • More photos of the tree planting 7th June 2014

  • More photos of the tree planting 7th June 2014

  • 7th June 2014

  • 7th June 2014

  • 2nd June 2014

  • 2nd June 2014

  • 2nd June 2014

  • 28th May 2014 - 7.30am

  • 28th May 2014 - 7.50am

  • 28th May 2014 - 8.15am

21st May - work has started on building the dry stone wall

  • 22nd May 2014

  • 23rd May 2014

  • 24th May

  • 20th May

    Clarks of Barry deliver Denfind stone

  • 20th May

    Denfind donate 8 tons of their beautiful local stone for our dry stone walling

  • 14th May 2014

    Ian and Alasdair spray another dose of round up on the ground elder and other invasive species.

  • 14th May 2104

    Karen Laing, Landscape Gardener, mapping out key features in the garden.

  • 14th May 2014

    Exciting times!

  • 19th May 2014. 9am

    This is a rubber duck! the most useful rubber duck we have ever come across and skillfully managed by Malcolm of D.J. Laing. Amazing precision.

  • 19th May 2014. 12MD

    Jamieson's have donated a truck full of gravel to line the bed for the boat!

  • 19th May 2014. 1pm

    It was hard going, levelling off all the gravel but the bed is ready for the boat to be sunk into. Time for well earned dram and a hot bath!

The 'Big Weed'

Approximately 30 volunteers turned out this morning for our 'big weed' in the village square. Karen Laing, Landscape Gardener assigned to our community garden by Beechgrove suggested that we weed the banking to try and remove as much ground elder and brambles as possible. It really was a case of many hands making lighter work but it was still hard going. It's a much larger area than we first thought. Volunteers also managed to cut the Leylandi hedge right back and we removed lots of rubbish from the site. We made several trips to the recycling centre which was also very busy with people spring cleaning and gardening. Anyway, a great start to our Community Garden so many thanks to all those who got involved


East Haven 800 Beechgrove Community Garden was supported by:

The Royal Horticultural Society 

We are extremely grateful to RHS for all their support both financial through Beechgrove Garden and also for their advice and gift of seeds. 

 The Greenbelt Group

The Greenbelt Group provided financial support through Beechgrove Garden and we are very grateful for their assistance.

Angus Council

Angus Council have been a great support throughout the project and provided a community grant to enable us to refurbish the boat.

East Haven Land Consortium

The East haven Land Consortium provided a significant donation to help us fund the garden and we are extremely grateful for their support.

Norman Jamieson Transport Duntrune

How many times can we say ‘thank you’ to Norman Jamieson of Duntrune? They have been a great supporter of East Haven. Firstly, for donating and delivering several tons of soil and gravel for the garden. Secondly, for the technically difficult  job of craning our 30ft fishing boat from the refurbishment area and transporting it into our garden.

Denfind Stone of Monikie 

Denfind donated 8 Tons of their beautiful local stone to enable us to build our beautiful dry stone wall features.

D.J. Laing - Carnoustie

D.J.Laing of Carnoustie provided us with a great service when we asked for help to dig a large hole in which to submerge our 30ft boat into a gravel bed.

Clarks of Barry - brought all our stone on site having collected it from Monikie. We were most grateful for all their assistance.

Prime Signs Carnoustie - Provided our signs for the boats

D.A. Pearson. Redford Sawmill 

Redford Sawmill provided us with large chunks of wood for our seating at cost price. 

Gammies of Forfar 

Gammies of Forfar kindly donated one of their fantastic rotavators to help us prepare the ground prior to turfing. What a help that was!

Rosehill Timber, Luthermuir, Laurencekirk

Many thanks to Rosehill timber for the beautiful round posts!

East Scryne Farm, Scryne, East Haven

Many thanks to James Porter for the peat which he donated for our flower beds

Carlogie Turf Carnoustie   Carlogie Farm DD76LD 

Thank you to Carlogie Turf who provided top quality turf for a heavily discounted price. It’s absolutely beautiful

Horse Manure

Thanks to Lynzi Duncan for the Horse Manure

Silverwells Garden Centre, Arbroath

Many thanks to Silverwells for the discounts on  plants and trays.

Ashbrook Nurseries, Arbroath

Many thanks to Asbrook Nurseries for discounts on plants

Binny Plants West Lothian - Many of our plants were purchased from Binny’s who provided us with a very generous discount.

J and J Learmouth of Kirriemuir

Produced our beautiful bronze aged plaque and provided it for a discounted price.

Olives in Carnoustie

Olive’s flowers shop in Carnoustie very kindly donated beautiful flowering plants for our little boats

Colin and Alison Hood Formally of Carnoustie but now Perthshire, for the loan of their tractor. It was a back saver! 

Fobels of Carnoustie - Thank you for the beautiful red ribbon

Ben Leng Carnoustie for the lovely photographs

East Haven 800 - Beechgrove Community Garden

RHS supporting our Beechgrove Community Garden

Residents are dusting off their gardening boots after hearing that the Beechgrove Garden Team have selected East Haven as one of only four locations in Scotland to feature the development of the village’s new community garden. Beechgrove’s Producer, Gwyneth Hardy said,  'the Beechgrove Garden Team selected East Haven because of the enthusiasm and ambitions of the residents and we are inspired by their theme to celebrate and commemorate their octocentenary year”. The Team met with residents a couple of weeks ago when they were able to see for themselves the areas within the village that residents would like to improve.

In June last year residents acquired an old fishing boat which, with the help of a community grant from Angus Council has enabled residents to begin a restoration project. The boat will create a central feature in the garden to strengthen our identity as one of the earliest recorded fishing communities n Scotland dating back to 1214. 

 Filming will take place towards the end of June and all residents will have an opportunity to participate in creating the garden and making improvements to the village.  A new series of Beechgrove garden has returned yo our screens at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd April on BBC2 Scotland and at 8:30am on Sunday 6th April on BBC2. 

Scroll down to see our progress as we work towards completion of our community garden at the end of June.

Our Boat

Angus Council kindly agreed to lease ground in the village square  to East Haven Residents Association for a peppercorn rent of a £1 per annum. This enabled us to develop our community garden complete with our 28ft fishing boat as a centre feature.
It was resident Hugh Scott who first spotted the boat lying on the beach at East sands in St Andrews. It took major planning to arrange for the boat to be transported back to the  Ha'en by Jamieson's of Dundee. Hugh, Ian, Gordon, Stan, Jimmy and Alasdair drove over to St Andrews at 6am one morning in June and the boat was dug out and hoisted on to the back of a large transportation vehicle with a crane. 
In October 2013, we were successful in obtaining funding  from Angus Council's Community Grant scheme to enable us to refurbish the fishing boat which now provides a dramatic visual display in our community garden at the gateway to our village. It strengthens our identity as a former fishing community.
The boat's original name was  'The Three Sisters'  and as one of East Haven's own fishermen, Davie Herd owned a boat called the sisters in 1917 Jim and George renamed it the 'sisters'  when we completed the  garden.
Lead Residents - Hugh Scott, Ian Bancroft
Garden - Sandie Wright, Claire Selfridge, Anne Bancroft, Wendy Murray