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Website 11. Aug, 2017


the scenery is so beautiful!

Website 16. May, 2017


I love your site so much.

Website 14. Feb, 2017

Mimi Gill

Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

26. Sep, 2015

George G, Falkirk

Walked two and a half miles each way. Thank you for providing squash. I had three plastic cups and made a donation.

1. Oct, 2014

Ray Carroll

Very well put together web site good to see all the medieval finds on show that take us many years of hard work to find. From one of the guys that finds them.

13. Jul, 2014

roy shrigley

Looks terrific what a small village can do for themselves. A Scot living in Germany.

14. May, 2014


really lovely site, i was in easthaven today i used to pass through on the bus from Dundee on they way to Angus College. I always wanted to stop by and visit. I was amazed at how beautiful it is. I walked all the way from Carnoustie and back to catch the bus to dundee.

8. Apr, 2014

David Clark

I spent two years, as a wee lad, living at the Bleachfield. My paternal grandparents (who now live at Panbride) having lived there before us. I easily remember Mary & 'Chay' Spalding who lived in the cottage on the Ha'en Road side of the railway. I had to walk to Kinloch Primary before the new Carlogie Primary opened (circa 1975/6?). I used to play in the burn that ran down to Partan Ha' from 'The Den' that went all the way up to Panbride Kirk. I remember, quite well, playing at the 'gunpost' that was over the burn. And getting a skelp for getting my shoes wet. I should add my dad's & aunty's names too: Tony & Linda Clark.

7. Apr, 2014

fiona Laing

Im a westhaven girl and used to walk on the beach from westhaven to easthaven on a saturday with my friends, always remember the panbride church sunday school picnics down there, = great fun, (fantastic webpage)

25. Mar, 2014

Terry McCartney

Impressive website with lots of well organised content.