East Haven Blog 2015

4. Dec, 2015

Winter is beginning to show itself and the dark days are closing in. However, work in the Ha'en continues and we are reviewing our work over the last year and looking forward towards 2016. The Trustees of our new charity met this week to discuss various issues and a minute of our meeting will be posted shortly on the East Haven Together meetings page of this web-site.

The co-ordinators of the Heritage and Garden group meet next week to consider the feedback from residents and from Beautiful Scotland. The judges provide useful feedback and advice on how they think we can continue to make improvements to the village. We also retain a focus on national strategies which help to shape the direction we move in as a community. In the meantime, we are considering if we can do anything over the winter to learn more about cooking our own fresh produce from the gardens. So many of us are unsure about what we can do with certain herbs and vegetables so it will be good to share ideas, skills and talents from within the community. Watch this space!

19. Nov, 2015

Whilst the idea of a World Toilet Day may sound quite amusing, access to toilets is a really serious issue. It is a universal human need regardless of age, gender or ability. Unbelievably, 40% of the world’s population do not have access to a toilet. Poor sanitation results in something like 1,000 children dying every day from diarrhoeal diseases. Clean and safe toilets also help to keep more girls in school and increase attendance rates. Across the UK, public toilets are being closed at an unprecedented rate because Local Authorities have no funding to maintain them. We know from our experience in East Haven that many people are only able to access the outdoors and enjoy visiting the area because of a decent public toilet. Older people, children and those with disabilities and medical conditions should all be able to access the countryside. Therefore, access to clean, safe toilets is becoming a public health issue in the UK and not just an issue for under-developed countries. I hope that World Toilet day will make people across Scotland stop and think about this really important issue. 

15. Nov, 2015

We are really delighted to let you know that Morag Tindal has raised £680.55 for the charity Mary's Meals this year. Earlier in the spring, residents built a stone cairn to celebrate National Cycle Route 1 and integrated a steel donation tin into the body of it for Mary's Meals. A small stone table enables Morag to display free refreshments for all our visitors who very kindly leave donations for Mary's Meals. The charity aims to provide a meal for every child who attends school in 12 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

People have really appreciated Morag's hospitality and have been known to leave notes with special requests for up and coming visits which Morag kindly responds to. One man from Arbroath was so inspired with the idea behind Mary's Meals that he came to help at one of our beach cleans by way of thanks and also wanted us to know that he was hosting a meal to raise further funds for the charity. Well done Morag and many thanks to everybody who has donated to the charity. 

10. Nov, 2015

Three residents attended a really interesting workshop today at Discovery Point in Dundee. The focus of the workshop was, Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Growth. Sounds a bit high powered and to be honest it was but it was very interesting. Some of the top Scottish academics and professionals discussed and debated the complexities around organisations and policy makers that influence and regulate what happens in our seas. The Scottish Universities Insight Institute brought together all these key individuals to promote better collaboration and improve communication right across Scotland. One of the aims of the Institute is to produce 7 lay persons guides to Marine Spatial Planning to promote greater involvement of coastal communities such as ours. Although East Haven is a very small coastal community we are nevertheless, very aware of how marine planning impacts directly on our community and the wider Angus coast. We have many areas of interest such as our heritage, conservation, tourism and sea industries such as fishing and renewable energy. We hope that by attending workshops such as these we will gain greater insights into what is happening at a policy level in Scotland, how it affects us and what we can do to promote and protect our own coastal environment.

6. Nov, 2015

East Haven has lost a great friend and neighbour in Hugh Scott who sadly died last weekend. Hugh and Helen have lived in East Haven for around 13 years and were both involved in the East Haven 800 celebrations. It was Hugh who first spotted our boat 'The Sisters', wrecked on the beach in St Andrews. Hugh and a group of other residents dug the boat out early one morning in June 2013 and brought her back to East Haven for restoration. Hugh was a talented and multi-skilled individual who 'kept us right' on many of our projects.  Earlier in the year, his sheer determination and a refusal to be dominated by his illness drove Hugh to work in all weathers making repairs to the boats ready for our 'summer season'. We were delighted that he was able to attend the Beautiful Scotland Awards Ceremony on 10th September and receive a gold award on behalf of East Haven. Hugh will be fondly remembered and leaves a great legacy to the village.