11. Dec, 2015

A trip to Aberdeen

A couple of us travelled up to Aberdeen yesterday to participate in the second workshop organised by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute into Marine Spatial Planning. It was held in the magnificent, Sir Duncan Rice Library at Aberdeen University and as you can see from the photo, the view out of the window was just breathtaking. You might remember that I wrote about the first workshop in September and our commitment to helping with the production of 7 layperson's guides. It is certainly quite a challenge for researchers and marine planners who want to involve coastal communities in a shared understanding for managing our coast and seas. We heard about some really interesting work which has been used to evaluate well-being in coastal communities in India. These tools could be used just as effectively in Scotland to understand priorities and concerns of coastal communities, particularly when faced with challenges and change. Living in such a rural coastal community  brings responsibilities and East Haven's sustainability strategy outlines the contribution we feel we can and should make towards maintaining a healthy marine environment,  For example, undertaking regular beach cleans, submitting beach surveys, protecting our dunes from erosion and trying to maintain the natural bio-diversity of the area. We were able to make a contribution about what we feel helps to improve the well-being of people living in coastal communities and what they need to help them flourish. There was genuine interest in what we had to say so we hope that our input will help to inform communication with other coastal communities in the future.