4. Dec, 2015

Winter in the Ha'en

Winter is beginning to show itself and the dark days are closing in. However, work in the Ha'en continues and we are reviewing our work over the last year and looking forward towards 2016. The Trustees of our new charity met this week to discuss various issues and a minute of our meeting will be posted shortly on the East Haven Together meetings page of this web-site.

The co-ordinators of the Heritage and Garden group meet next week to consider the feedback from residents and from Beautiful Scotland. The judges provide useful feedback and advice on how they think we can continue to make improvements to the village. We also retain a focus on national strategies which help to shape the direction we move in as a community. In the meantime, we are considering if we can do anything over the winter to learn more about cooking our own fresh produce from the gardens. So many of us are unsure about what we can do with certain herbs and vegetables so it will be good to share ideas, skills and talents from within the community. Watch this space!