10. Nov, 2015

Flourishing Communities - Productive Seas

Three residents attended a really interesting workshop today at Discovery Point in Dundee. The focus of the workshop was, Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Growth. Sounds a bit high powered and to be honest it was but it was very interesting. Some of the top Scottish academics and professionals discussed and debated the complexities around organisations and policy makers that influence and regulate what happens in our seas. The Scottish Universities Insight Institute brought together all these key individuals to promote better collaboration and improve communication right across Scotland. One of the aims of the Institute is to produce 7 lay persons guides to Marine Spatial Planning to promote greater involvement of coastal communities such as ours. Although East Haven is a very small coastal community we are nevertheless, very aware of how marine planning impacts directly on our community and the wider Angus coast. We have many areas of interest such as our heritage, conservation, tourism and sea industries such as fishing and renewable energy. We hope that by attending workshops such as these we will gain greater insights into what is happening at a policy level in Scotland, how it affects us and what we can do to promote and protect our own coastal environment.