29. Oct, 2015

It's your neighbourhood!

Sandie and Anne were at the 'It's your Neighbourhood' Conference in Stirling yesterday. The event celebrates the achievements of communities across Scotland, working to improve the places that they live. Although 'It's your neighbourhood' isn't part of the Beautiful Scotland competition, grouops receive support and advice during the year and a certificate highlighting their achievment and progress. We were proud to see that an Angus group received recognition for their work to encourage local people to come together to grow and cook fresh food. Healthy Happy Community Allotment based in Arbroath have involved local primary schools by way of 'mini-plots' within the allotment. This allows pupils to study nature first hand and this is incorporated into biodiversity work being done within the school curriculum. Open days are also held where everyone gets together to have a massive tidy-up or BBQs in the summer.

Well done Arbroath!