26. Oct, 2015

Busy day in the Ha'en

Busy day in East Haven today as we closed the 'wee gallery' for the winter. One of our volunteers had made an extra special effort with the cleaning last night so the toilets were really immaculate when we went down to drain the water this morning. However, we had to empty all the handtowel and toilet tissue holders and coat the stainless steel in polish to preserve them over the winter. That done, there were paintings and mirrors to take down which left the walls looking very stark and bare. However, the 'Toilet Artists' will be busy painting over the winter to provide new works of art for visitors in the spring. A bite of lunch and a change of clothes saw us in Carnoustie Library for 1.30pm delivering a presentation and exhibition of village history. The Library holds a "Down Memory Lane' session once a month so we were pleased to make a contribution to the programme. As I said to the audience this afternoon, people continue to contact us about their connection to East Haven so we learn new things about our history all the time!