30. Sep, 2015

The Loovre

News of our 'wee gallery' has reached the national papers this week. As a result, we were invited to do a live radio interview on BBC Scotland's Kaye Adam show this morning to talk about the Community Partnership and how we came to create the gallery. STV have also been down to the Ha'en filming inside the loos! The British Toilet Association (Yes there is such a body) is trying to encourage as many communities as possible to take on responsibility for managing their public toilets. It is a facility/service that we all need regardless of age or ability. We believe that our public toilets are the window to our community and reflect one that cares about the place we live and the people who visit. We do hope that our experience will encourage others to take on this really important role and save their public toilets from closure. Lets keep them open and make Scotland the best place to visit in the UK!