9. Sep, 2015

Greening Grey Britain

Earlier this year the RHS sent out nasturtium seeds to groups such as ours to encourage people to green up a grey area. The Greening Grey Britain campaign aims to try and reverse some of the effects of over 7 million UK gardens becoming concrete driveways. They want to transform hard grey areas into living, planted places that enrich lives. Although we are fortunate in having  lots of green areas in East Haven we planted our nasturtium seeds in a very grey area and what a difference they have made. It is quite scarey to think about how our gardens are rapidly becoming full of hard landscaping which is a particular problem in built up areas where it can contribute to problems such as flooding and poor air quality. Just because we live in a rural coastal area we can't be complacent either as it doesn't take much to upset the natural eco-balance so we all have to take care and think before we pour concrete!