30. Aug, 2015

Scottish Horticultural Conference

Anne Bancroft, one of the co-ordinators of the East Haven Heritage and Garden Group attended the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (Caley) Conference in St Andrews on Friday. In an amazing yet shameful fact, although there have been events both annual and historic such as Gardening Scotland, the Glasgow Garden Festival (1988) and many topic specific talks and seminars, there has never been a national horticultural conference in Scotland focusing on Scotland. We were therefore keen that somebody represented East Haven at this auspicious occasion. Celebrating Horticulture in Scotland was the theme of the day and key speakers were David Knott, the Curator of Living Collections for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Ken Cox. George Anderson from Beechgrove Garden was also in attendance in his role as Honorary President of The Caley.

David's presentation provided a fascinating account of the diversity of the plants that they are able to grow at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh due to the spectrum of conditions and landscapes between the four gardens. Ken was also an excellent speaker, delivering a presentation about Scottish plant breeders and hunters along with a history of Scottish Gardeners and Designers. Being a plant hunter himself he has been on 14 expeditions and has provided new hybrid rhododendrons and azaleas which have been introduced at Glendoick. Anne came back really enthused and with a list of gardens that we need to try and visit.  The conference proved to be a celebration of horticulture in Scotland and an opportunity to share knoweldge and information. It was really good to have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious conference so close to home.