17. Aug, 2015

Soap Box

On my soap box about litter again today. One of our visitors remarked that fresh litter had been dumped at the Salmondsmuir/East Haven turn off on the dual carriage way so I ventured up this morning to take a look. Armed with litter picker and hoop I lifted several empty McDonald meal cartons and cans of coke that had been thrown out of a car. It really infuriates me that people believe that it's OK to open the car window and dump the contents of what they have just eaten. It seems that there is neither the legislation nor the will to legislate to bring those who discard litter in this way to account. It's a UK wide problem and unless our Governments start take littering seriously the damage to our environment and economy will be vast.  Never mind the damage to future generations who grow up thinking that this behaviour is the norm. I suppose I should add at this point that it's not just McDonalds it's also KFC and Costa coffee cups that are regularly thrown from cars. Perhaps there should be a local tax applied to these products to pay for the clean up exercise.