16. Aug, 2015

Beach Clean

What a lovely day we got for our beach clean this morning. We only asked people to come out for an hour as we have found that this is much more manageable and makes for a more enjoyable experience. However, we were out much earlier setting up our Beautiful Scotland presentation boards for visitors so people could understand the context and background to our work. We were really pleased to welcome first time volunteers Barrie and his daughter Daisy from Arbroath. Also Ritchie and Jennifer from Portsmouth. Just hope they don't put in a claim for travelling expenses! Not that it wouldn't be well deserved. Ritchie managed to pull out two large traffic barriers which had been buried beneath sand and rock. We have tried to remove them a couple of times over recent months but they were just far too heavy so it's a relief to get them out at last. Rod also uplifted a large Herron but it wasn't clear how or why it had died. We even retrieved a pair of false teeth!  The prize for the most artistic item had to go to Sandie who found a wonderful piece of driftwood and old rope. Maybe we can find a place for it in the Bothy!