14. Aug, 2015

A Partnership

We are very fortunate in that the culture and management within Angus Council has changed over the last few years to one in which they recognise communities such as ours as being important partners in caring for the the Authorities's towns and villages. It's a been a big culture shift, not just for the Local Authority but also for Angus residents. A move born out of necessity in which the Local Authority becomes the enabler rather than the provider and communities are empowered to take more responsibility. 

In the case of East  Haven, we have learned that the more we commit as a community the more the Local Authority support our efforts. We were really pleased on Thursday to participate in the induction of Rob Hill, a new employee with Angus Council who has moved from Herefordshire to Angus to take up a management post within the Communities Directorate. Our involvement recognises the important role we play in maintaining East Haven and we were delighted to meet Rob and play a part in helping to introduce him to Angus.