5. Aug, 2015

Bee Diverse

We have registered with the Bee Diverse campaign which is another Beautiful Scotland project. There is widespread concern about the decline in the bee population which play such an important role in maintaining Scotland’s biodiversity. It's estimated that there has been something like a 60% decline over the last 50 years. They are the agents by which, many wildflowers, shrubs and trees are fertilised and hence dispersed across Scotland’s landscapes. The seeds, fruit, berries and nuts of insect-pollinated plants are also an important part of the food chain and support wider biodiversity such as other invertebrates, mammals and birds. 

In East Haven we are trying to do our bit to support the bee population by providing the right kind of enviornment for them. Rod has built us a special bee box which is strategically placed just behind our wild flower bed which will provide an important source of noruishment. Throughout our community gardens we have a range of bee friendly plants with large flower heads which bloom at different times right through from early spring to late summer. This provides a constant source of pollen and nectar which is crucial for the bees survival. 

Because we have signed up with the Bee Diverse campaign we will also receive a pollinator pack from Beautiful Scotland which will help us to focus out thoughts even further as to what more we can do to support the survival of the bee in Scotland.