4. Aug, 2015

The 'Wee Gallery at the Heritage Point'

Things are going well at the 'wee gallery at the heritage point' and residents are taking great pride in keeeping our humble toilets clean and attractive for visitors. One such visitor, an Australian lady, was effusive in her praise on Sunday and insisted on giving us a significant donation for our efforts. She told us that she was two months into a walking tour of Scotland and that these were by far the best public toilets she had seen during her visit. On the one hand we were delighted, but, bearing in mind that we are making the best of an old 70's build with only a cold water supply it really makes one wonder what on earth is happening elsewhere in Scotland? What must visitors think of our lovely country when they are unable to access a clean public toilet? VisitScotland and our Government Planners might do well to give greater consideration to this humble facility as the value people place on it can not be underestimated. Maybe a country is judged more on it's cleanliness and basic facilities than on other facilities that currently get higher priority for funding. Surely we can do better than this?