30. Jul, 2015

The sun shone on judging day!

The sun shone brightly on East Haven this morning to welcome our Beautiful Scotland Judges, Sandy Scott and John MacLennan. The day started early with a run into Carnoustie to collect fresh rolls for our big lunch and a stop in the car to collect some stray litter on the way back. A brief technical hitch with the projector was quickly sorted out before John and Sandy arrived exactly on time. After introductions and hospitality we delivered our 15 minute presentation before taking them out to the SSSI site to show them our work with the Greater Yellow Rattle. From there, we visited 4 residents gardens, the Heritage Point and wee gallery, the East Haven 800 gardens, cycle path corner and cairn, Mary's Meals and the Bothy. John and Sandy were easy to talk to and took a great interest in all our work. It's fair to say, that 2 hours flew by and we wished we had more time to tell them about our heritage. However, we had prepared packs for them to take away with copies of our heritage boards on them and other useful bits of information. We had a lovely lunch with everybody to round off the morning and we now have to wait until the 10th September to hear what East Haven has been awarded. Tonight we will deliver our presentation again to residents and also again on Sunday to ensure that everybody has a chance to see it. So many people have made a contribution in one way or another and it's good to see how it all supports Beautiful Scotlands objectives.