14. Jul, 2015


This poor little Hoglet didn't actually survive though it wasn't through a lack of trying. Anne and Ian did what they could to provide emergency first aid and also contacted the hedgehog rescue centre in Wormit for advice. However, this little fellow provides more evidence that Hedghogs are alive and well in East Haven and others from the litter may have survived and be close by. Following our afternoon with one of the Angus Rangers earlier in the year we have been doing a lot to make the village a better place for Hedgehogs to live well and keep safe. Rod even built us a lovely hedgehog box which we now have in our wild life garden. It is filled with leaves and straw to keep the hogs cosy. It is also strategically placed next to our bug hotel and water feature to provide a constant source of food and water. Holes in the fences along Long Row also provide a wild life corridor for Hedgehogs to roam safely from one garden to another.