2. Jun, 2015

A Community Partnership - 'wee gallery' at the Heritage Point

Do you value public toilets? That's the question that residents had to ask themselves when questions about the long term viability of our public toilets was raised due to mounting cost pressures on our Local Authority. Visitors to the village constantly tell us how important the facility is and we know that it is an awful long walk or cycle to Carnoustie or Arbroath if they are closed. To support our visitors and avoid wild toileting residents have entered into a Community Partnership with the Council to manage and clean our toilets. We have renamed the facility the ‘wee gallery’ at the Heritage Point Thanks to the hard work and commitment of some of our volunteers the toilets are sparkling and visitors are now provided with the luxury of hand towels, soap and hand cream. Sandie Wright is also ensuring that fresh flowers greet our visitors at the door. Original paintings by another of our residents hang on the walls to create a warm and homely welcome. We have been overwhelmed with notes of support and donations from grateful visitors which will help to maintain supplies. The gents get the same attention as the ladies and we have been particularly humbled by how much the gents appreciate our efforts. We think Gents have generally had a raw deal when it comes to standards in public toilets but no longer in East Haven!  It seems that Community Partnerships are the way forward in communities such as ours with no other facilities so we hope that our experience will encourage other areas to maintain this important service.