8. May, 2015

Tayside Bio-diversity Coordinator

Catherine Lloyd Tayside Bio-diversity Coodinator visited East Haven today to meet with residents and answer questions about bio-diversity in the area. Residents want to improve and enhance the environment but they are keen to ensure that they don't do anything to upset the natural eco-balance. Catherine did a walk round of the whole area and provided advice and information about particular areas of interest to residents. By the end of the afternoon we were armed with a lot more information and ideas about how we can make improvements and encourage greater bio-diversity. One of the early things we can do is to start to carry out surveys to establish what insects, plants and wild life inhabit specific areas. We will do this during each of the seasons to develop a baseline for considering whether these areas need any help or whether they need to be left alone. However, as we are not experts, we were enthused about the idea of a Bio-Blitz which would see a number of different experts working with residents over a short period (say 24 hours) to  identify all the species and habitat in each of the areas.  Sounds as if this would be an amazing opportunity and experience if we can get it organised for next year. Watch this space!