1. May, 2015

All go in the Ha'en

It's been all go in the Ha'en again today. It started early at 8.30am when we opened up our public toilets and then prepared for our garden party. We hold garden parties every fortnight when we invite people to help tidy up the gardens and enjoy a cuppa afterwards. Its a very social affair and so rewarding to see the gardens develop and the plants come to life after the winter. Gordon dead headed all the daffodils and we dug in more of our bio-solids which act as an amazing slow release fertiliser. Helen and Lynn in Torrie Park have decided that they can share one of their green wheelie bins to enable the other to come over to the Bothy. This is a great help as it will save a number of trips to the recycling centre.   Fiona and Richard came up from Edinburgh and Nancy and Alice came through from Carnoustie so there was quite a crowd of us. Outwith the gardening we had three meetings to attend today and also work to do in our public toilets to ensure that they are looking their best for all our visitors. We have put soap, flowers and hand cream in the toilets which people really seem to appreciate. To finish off the day, we posted leaflets to everybody in the village about our new draft constitution which is now finalised. We thought we couldn't have another year as busy as 2014 but 2015 is certainly putting up a good challenge.