25. Apr, 2015

Tay Estuary Forum

East Haven residents made a presentation at the Tay Estuary Forum at their AGM in Dundee yesterday. It wasn't just about East Haven 800 but about the way in which we are now moving forward to develop a sustainable future for our small coastal community. The Tay Estuary Forum is a voluntary, non-statutory Local Coastal Partnership, established in 1997, dedicated to promoting the wise and sustainable use of the Tay Estuary and adjacent coastline. The conference brought together scientists, policy makers and environmentalists all with a common view, to sustain the natural heritage of the Tay shoreline for years to come. Speakers at the event covered everything from marine planning to off shore renewables and the regeneration of the Dundee waterfront. Although a little daunting to present to such an audience it was good to be able to be able to sound a voice for the small coastal community. We also met some really interesting people who we might make further contact with in the future if we require advice and support about environmental issues. All in all a great day!