23. Apr, 2015

The Power of Social Media!

For those of you who remain cynical about the value of Facebook this is a story about the potential benefits when it is used positively. On Tuesday morning residents woke to a terrible mess in the picnic area. A group of people had enjoyed a barbecue the night before on one of the plastic picnic tables which promptly melted and also left the most terrible mess. Residents spent two hours cleaning up and felt frustrated and sad that anybody could disrespect our village in this way. We decided to put photographs on facebook and ask if anybody could help us to identify who the culprits might be. Within 12 hours our photographs had been seen by over 9,500 people who shared our concerns and sent messages of support. We also received private messages identifying the indivduals concerned and we were able to invite them to step forward and contact us which they did. We now have an apology from those concerned and an agreement that they will work alongside residents on a community environmental project. We are hoping that by engaging with them in a positive way and showing them how much effort local people put into keeping a safe and pleasant environment that they will change their behaviour in the future. Fingers crossed!