14. Apr, 2015

Bio-diversity Challenge

Today residents have been talking about the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Bio-diversity. Protecting our land, seas, nature and wild life is critical to the future of Scotland. It's not just about tourism and the economy but also about ensuring that we protect the balance of nature and that nothing we do harms the environment. We are linking our new proposed charitable aims for our SCIO with the the key outcomes in this strategy. Alongside this we are also looking at Community Actions for a Sustainable Scotland (CASS) which have been developed for community organisations in Scotland to aspire to. I say aspire, because working towards sustainability is a journey for communities such as East Haven and not a destination that we will reach in a short period. However, we have taken our first steps and many would say that these have been very significant steps. We will continue to work with all our residents and partners to ensure that the eco-balance in East Haven is protected and maintained.