7. Apr, 2015

Ward boundaries

East Haven is the beautiful blue line between Arbroath and Carnoustie. It has been described by some as a political wilderness having been moved out of the Carnoustie ward boundary and into the Arbroath West and Letham ward many years ago by the Boundaries' Commission. From time to time this causes great confusion as our Councillors are in the  Arbroath ward  whilst remaining within the Carnoustie Commmunity Council area. However, our own Residents' Association has served us well  over the last 19 years and we have dealt with our own issues directly. In many ways it has perhaps been a good thing as it has meant that we haven't developed a dependancy on a Community Council and as a result we have become stronger and more resiliant as a community. Things might change in 2017 when the Boundaries' Commission review this again. It would be nice to think that they would make a decison based on structures that meet the needs of communities rather than engaging in a statistical exercise but we are not holding our breath.