3. Apr, 2015

First garden party of the year!

What a lovely day we had for our first organised garden session of the year. The grass was cut, edges trimmed, weeds removed and flowering primulas planted. The long grass over the waves in the garden have become rather patchy over the winter so this was raked and trimmed to see if it will help to stimulate some growth. We have some repair work to carry out on 'the Sisters' after the cold frosty weather damaged some of the wood. We carried out some temporary patching today until the job can be done properly later in April. Andy and Alasdair also managed to put some guttering up on the Bothy so we that we can recycle rain water from our lovely water butt. Bird boxes are also now in position ready for nesting. All in all, a very productive day and of course we had lots of fun catching up with everybody and enjoyed a cup of tea in the bothy.