27. Mar, 2015

The Duvet Store - East Haven business No1 in UK

Have you ever wondered why we sleep so well in the Ha’en? Well, the secret’s out. After a long day in the garden we like nothing better than to snuggle down for the night in some of the worlds most luxurious bedding.  East Haven might only be a ‘wee village’, but according to Trustpilot, Gordon’s Duvet Store is now officially  No1 in the UK for bedding!  We shouldn’t really be surprised as Gordon has travelled the world over the last 25 years in pursuit of the very best in duvet fillings and luxurious sheets.  A few  Ha’eners have even helped out  during busy periods so I think a big duvet party might be on the agenda!

In the meantime, Gordon has said you can have free UK delivery if you input Easthaven800 into the code box at the checkout.