5. Mar, 2015

Declaration maquette on display in the Signal Tower Museum Arbroath

The Declaration Maquette is now on public display in the Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath. Entry to the museum is free and it is open Tuesday to Friday 10am - 5pm so it’s well worth a visit to see the work of former Carnoustie High School teacher Tom Walker who now resides in Spain. This is a photograph of the sculptor himself at work in his studio doing some restoration work on the statue of San Sebastian, the patron saint of the town in which he lives. This statue is processed through the town twice at the fiesta of San Seb and had been severely damaged on one such occasion a few years before Tom and his wife Ruth arrived to stay.  Tom volunteered to get him back to near new condition which delighted the pueblocitos and the then parish priest. Tom recalls that his hands were very much warmer when working on this statue than they were when he was working on the Declaration maquettes during the cold winter of 1966/67. His fingers were almost numb working in the damp, exceeding chilly studio overlooking Arbroath Harbour with biting easterly windows blowing around and through the ill-fitting, salt-obscured window. It was a long time ago now but we are so pleased that the maquette has been rediscovered and can now be seen in the Signal Tower museum in Arbroath.