4. Mar, 2015

The mystery is solved

This beautiful art work is a hard fired terracotta maquette, which, although not ancient, does have a link with the Abbey having being crafted in Arbroath by an artist in 1967. The Courier was contacted by Tom Walker who is now living with his wife Ruth in Spain. Tom used to have a studio overlooking Arbroath Harbour and crafted the maquette in the winter of 1966/7. This is an enlarged detail of a smaller maquette which he designed as an art college project. It was an idea for concealing the wall of the graveyard at Arbroath Abbey revealed when the houses that stood by the West Gate of the Abbey were demolished. It is made of hard fired terracotta and any metal in it was added for support and reinforcement.

Tom has no idea how the panel found it's way to East Haven as he gave it to someone who asked if they might have it. Ironically,  Tom and his family lived in East Haven for a number of years before moving out to Spain. We are therefore particularly pleased and delighted that Tom's work has been discovered in the village itself and that he has gifted the maquette to the Ha'eners. It really is the most remarkable piece of it's type and the detail is incredible. It is now on public display in the Signal Tower museum in Arbroath. As Angus prepares for the 700th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of Arbroath in 2020 it is a wonderful gift to take forward into the celebrations.