2. Mar, 2015

A wee update on our find!

It's been all go since we posted information about our find on facebook and our web-site on Saturday. Many of you will have also seen coverage in the Courier and on BBC Scotland and STV news tonight. It really is a mystery but a few people have come forward to provide information about where they think it might have come from so this will greatly assist in deliberations. Angus Council Officers were quick to offer their support yesterday evening and also visited this morning to provide advice. We have learned that there is an established process to follow if one finds a potential historical artefact so we will be well informed if we ever find anything else. In the meantime it has been photographed and filmed hundreds of times now and the residents of East Haven all had the opportunity to come in and take a closer look before it is removed for proper examination. It really is a wonderful art work and so incredibly detailed. Hopefully we will have more information about it soon.