28. Feb, 2015

Look what we've found!

We have just unearthed this old carving (approx 30cm x 47cm) in East Haven. Due to it's location we know that it has lain undisturbed for around 50 years and that at some point it was in the possession of the old fisherman in the village. It's possible they found it as it was near the site of the old post road where pilgrims used to travel between the Abbey in Arbroath and St Andrews. However, it is rumoured that a couple of items were brought down to East Haven from Panmure House for safe keeping and the fishermen were on very friendly terms with one of the Earls. Do you think it might be something to do with Arbroath Abbey? It's not clear what material it is made out of but it seems to be some sort of clay and it might have some sort of metal in it too. We haven't given it a proper clean because we don't want to damage it if it is important.