21. Feb, 2015

Litter pick up and beach clean

What a beautiful day we got for our litter pick and beach clean today. The sun was splitting the sky and there was a spring warmth in the air. Never thought we would be able to enjoy coffee and refreshments outdoors afterwards but we did. We also spoke to lots of people about the Prevent and Pick up 3 litter initiative which we are working on in collaboration with Angus Council and Businesses on the Westway and at the Skatepark in Arbroath. People are very supportive of the idea that you don't drop litter of any type and if possible you pick up at least 3 pieces every time you go out. We were really grateful for all the support we received from Volunteers and also students from Dundee University who came down to do a beach clean on Wednesday afternoon. At this time of year the tide brings in a lot of marine rubbish and we try and clear as much as we can to prevent damage to wildlife and pollution of the sea. The students were doing a beach clean to support 'Friends of the Earth'.