6. Feb, 2015

Captured the public imagination!

It seems that an item we posted on the 'oureasthaven' facebook page has captured the imagination of the public. We have had a surprising and unexpected response to the work we are doing to highlight dog fouling by using spray paint. Every town and village across the UK is blighted by this problem and we want to do our bit to improve it and make East Haven a welcoming and safe environment for people to visit. However, we have been inundated with interest from the media, including Radio Tay for whom we have just done a telephone interview using the iphone voice memo feature - the wonders of technology!

Anyway, back to our 'Pick up 3 initiative this afternoon. Its a lovely day in East Haven so we will be out and about speaking with the public and picking up litter. Most of the people we have spoken to are very receptive to the idea of picking up 3 items of litter every time they go out. Imagine...... a litter free Scotland!