18. Jan, 2015

Death of George Lyall

It is with sadness that we record the death of East Haven's oldest resident George Lyall (No2 Long Row) at the age of 92. George was born in East Haven in 1922 to Alex and Mary Lyall and was baptised here on the beach with sea water as was the custom in fisher families. The Lyalls are the oldest fishing family in the Ha'en and can be traced back until at least the mid 1750s. George loved the sea and skippered his first boat at the age of twelve. He was always busy mending nets and making creels or other items out of drift wood he found on the beach. As a young man George joined the RAF and served as far away as Africa. When he left the RAF he was accepted into the Poice force in Manchester but chose to return to work in Carnoustie where he trained as a Power Loom Turner. George was never far away from the sea though and worked as a part time fisherman out of East Haven. He married Donna  in 1968 and they had two children, Craig and Nicola. Craig is the last part time fisherman in the Ha'en. It must be a comfort to the family to remember that George was able to attend the wedding of Craig and Christina in East Haven on 23rd August 2014, the first fisher wedding in living memory and a proud day for the family.