East Haven Blog 2015

2. Jan, 2016

After storm Frank and all the flooding across the UK we were blessed with a dry, cold evening on Hogmanay. Friends, neighbours and family met around a bonfire on Eric's Croft around 11.30pm to bring in the new year. We were thrilled to see the aurora borealis put in an appearance for the event which went with a bang at midnight when fireworks exploded over the Ha'en.

The year 2015 brought many highs and lows to the village, most notably, all the work which culminated in a Gold award from Beautiful Scotland and conversley, the sad loss of resident and friend, Hugh Scott. No doubt 2016 will bring it's own challenges to both indivduals and the community. However, we will continue our work with Beautiful Scotland and look forward to welcoming friends old and new to be involved in our various acitivities in 2016. We are extremely fortunate to have the continued support of many wonderful people across the UK and for that we are very grateful. We wish you all, good health and happiness in 2016 and hope to see you in the Ha'en soon. 

22. Dec, 2015

It has been a busy time in the Ha'en in the run up to Christmas. We have held a couple of meetings and our minutes are now posted in the EHT section of the web-site. We contacted Juliette Camburn from Beautiful Scotland to discuss whether or not we would enter the competition in 2016. As most of you know, our priorties are not about awards but to involve as many people as possible and really enjoy all our activities and gardens. However, we have been encouraged to continue being part of the competition, not least because 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Beautiful Scotland. The theme for 2016 is based around the colours of BS's logo which is gold, green, red and purple so we will be on the look out for additional plants and flowers in these colours next year. In the meantime, residents and friends have also enjoyed an afternoon of mulled wine and mince pies which provided an opportunity to get together and reflect on the past year. With only a few days left now until Christmas we wish everybody  best wishes and a peaceful and happy Christmas. 

19. Dec, 2015

East Haven Together is really concerned about plans to bring Festival of House to Panmure Estate which contains some of Scotland's most important monuments.  We feel that there are great risks to our important heritage if the festival goes ahead without full environmental impact assessments. Did you know that there are 10 listed buildings within the grounds registered with Historic Scotland?  Two of them, the West Gate and the Panmure Testimonial are category A listed which means that they are of national and international importance. Only 8% of listed buildings in Scotland fall into this category and these two are also on the national Buildings at Risk Register. 

We have sent letters to Carnoustie Community Council and to Angus Council expressing concern that there appears to have been no consultation with Historic Scotland. This, despite the fact that 15,000 festival goers and 5,000 campers are expected to attend. Historic Scotland are particularly concerned about category A listed buildings and recommend that suitably qualified archaeological/historic environment consultants advise on and undertake detailed assessment of impacts and appropriate mitigation strategies. When East Haven Together was established in July 2015 one of our charitable aims was to promote and protect the heritage of East Haven and much of it lies within the grounds of Panmure House. We hope that our neighbours in Carnoustie and Panbride will join us in trying to ensure that everything possible is done to protect and promote these important monuments. Residents will take a walk around the grounds of Panmure Estate in January to view the condition of each of them and we urge Angus Council to ensure that consultation with Historic Scotland takes place as matter of urgency. 

Listed Monuments in the grounds of Panmure House 


Historic Scotland Ref

Listed Category

The West Gate



Panmure Testimonial -Commemorative Column



Margaret's Mound



The East Gate 



Gazebo Corriera Den (1)



Gazebo Corriera Den (2)



Former Stables and Service Court



Artifical ruins



Montague Bridge



Gardener's House







16. Dec, 2015

We were so surprised and delighted to find this letter along with £10 in our Mary's Meals donation box at the cairn recently. As most of you know, one of our residents supplies free refreshments between April and October by way of welcome to walkers and cyclists to the village. However, this young man decided to pedal along from Carnoustie in November without the enticement of a drink at East Haven just because he wanted to donate his money to Mary's Meals. It really warms the heart to think that young children are growing up considering the needs of others at such a young age. I think young Blake has something to teach us all. As somebody said on our facebook page, we wish him the most beautiful teeth in the world!

11. Dec, 2015

A couple of us travelled up to Aberdeen yesterday to participate in the second workshop organised by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute into Marine Spatial Planning. It was held in the magnificent, Sir Duncan Rice Library at Aberdeen University and as you can see from the photo, the view out of the window was just breathtaking. You might remember that I wrote about the first workshop in September and our commitment to helping with the production of 7 layperson's guides. It is certainly quite a challenge for researchers and marine planners who want to involve coastal communities in a shared understanding for managing our coast and seas. We heard about some really interesting work which has been used to evaluate well-being in coastal communities in India. These tools could be used just as effectively in Scotland to understand priorities and concerns of coastal communities, particularly when faced with challenges and change. Living in such a rural coastal community  brings responsibilities and East Haven's sustainability strategy outlines the contribution we feel we can and should make towards maintaining a healthy marine environment,  For example, undertaking regular beach cleans, submitting beach surveys, protecting our dunes from erosion and trying to maintain the natural bio-diversity of the area. We were able to make a contribution about what we feel helps to improve the well-being of people living in coastal communities and what they need to help them flourish. There was genuine interest in what we had to say so we hope that our input will help to inform communication with other coastal communities in the future.