Eric's Bridge

Eric's bridge - rebuilt by the residents of the village to commemorate East Haven 800 was formally opened by Eric Duncan himself on Sunday 6th October 2013

    The rebuilding of Eric’s bridge is an example of what can be achieved when those who live in a community work together. Led by Jack Scott and Stan Beattie many residents became involved in this community project which saw Eric's bridge being rebuilt after it was accidentally removed by contractors working on the coastal path. The residents had a vision of what they wanted to achieve and by combining skills and knowledge they were able to achieve something really special. In many ways, the rebuilding of the bridge is a tribute to Eric and all that he has given to the village of East Haven during his lifetime.  

Thanks to Kevin Burgess, MacKay's boat builders, Andy Edwards and BT for the supply of materials. Also Angus Council for arranging replacement timbers and James Porter for the mechanical assistance.